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We Know Your Fleet Is Important!

We know that keeping your fleet driving down the road is an economic necessity for your business! The last thing you need is to have vehicle failure. Vehicle break-downs not only cause costly interruptions in your daily activities, the personnel down-time and vehicle repairs mean double jeopardy. That's why our fleet service is serious about caring for your fleet!

Most businesses today don't take the time to initiate a PM program on their vehicle. Why? Most of us are in "rush" mode - too many activities and responsibilities on our plates. Yet, when our vehicles break down, your business stops - activities and responsibilities suffer. Some major repairs could be diminished or even eliminated by regular preventative maintenance.

We Can Keep Your Fleet Running Down The Road!

We can help keep your fleet on the road! Badger Truck & Auto Group would like to custom build a Fleet Maintenance Package for you.

For your convenience, we put together some valuable information about our Fleet Packages. This includes:

  • A personal introduction to service managers.
  • A list of the fleet specialized services we offer.
  • A List of Our Certifications & Affiliate Memberships.
  • Our fleet service application and list of payment options.
  • Contact information for Badger Truck Fleet Services.

Let us help you extend the life of your major business investment - your fleet. Talk to us today about setting up a Fleet package that meets your business needs!

Contact Badger Truck & Auto Group Today for your FLEET SERVICE PACKAGE!

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