Payload and Weight Rating

What Payload Capacity Do I Need For My Work Truck?


is the weight of the vehicle including a full tank of fuel and all standard equipment. It does not include passengers, cargo or any optional equipment.


is the weight of the vehicle and any installed options - including any OEM options and any aftermarket body and equipment permanently attached to the vehicle. A full tank of fuel should be included.


is the weight of any loose cargo or equipment not permanently installed excluding driver and passenger. When towing, Trailer Tongue Weight is also part of the Cargo Weight.


is the combined weight of passengers and cargo including Trailer Tongue Weight when towing. It represents the total weight carrying capacity of the finished vehicle.


is determined as the payload resulting from the difference between Rated GVWR and the Base Curb Weight as manufactured by the OEM.


is the maximum allowable weight of the fully loaded vehicle (including passengers and cargo). This number - along with other weight limits, as well as tire, rim size and inflation data - is shown on the vehicle's Safety Compliance Certification Label, located on the left front door lock facing or the door latch post pillar. (The GVW, the actual total weight of the vehicle and payload, must never exceed the GVWR.)


is the maximum allowable weight of the towing vehicle and loaded trailer - including all cargo and passengers. (The measured GCW must never exceed the GCWR.)


is the amount of the trailer's weight that presses down on the trailer hitch.

Dump Guide

8 ft. Dump (2/3 yd.) - 1,660lbs

9 ft. Dump (2/3 yd.) - 1,790lbs

10 ft. Dump (2/3 yd.) - 2,045lbs

9 ft. Dump (4/5 yd.) - 2,900lbs

10 ft. Dump (5/6 yd.) - 3,100lbs

Typical Back Pack - 440lbs

Utility Guide

8 ft. Utility - 1,155lbs

9 ft. Utility - 1,480lbs

11 ft. Utility - 1,795lbs

14 ft. Utility - 2,635lbs

Stake Guide

8 ft. Stake - 1,815lbs

9 ft. Stake - 1,925lbs

10 ft. Stake - 2,035lbs

12 ft. Stake - 2,275lbs

14 ft. Stake - 2,540lbs

16 ft. Stake - 2,830lbs

18 ft. Stake - 3,090lbs

20 ft. Stake - 3,345lbs

22 ft. Stake - 3,645lbs

24 ft. Stake - 3,830lbs

26 ft. Stake - 4,005lbs

Van Guide

10 ft. Van - 1,645lbs

12 ft. Van - 1,895lbs

14 ft. Van - 2,080lbs

16 ft. Van - 2,305lbs

18 ft. Van - 2,735lbs

20 ft. Van - 2,935lbs

22 ft. Van - 3,160lbs

24 ft. Van - 3,360lbs

26 ft. Van - 3,585lbs

Walk-In Guide

12 ft. Walk-in - 1,980lbs

14 ft. Walk-in - 2,035lbs

16 ft. Walk-in - 2,210lbs

18 ft. Walk-in - 2,400lbs

20 ft. Walk-in - 2,590lbs

22 ft. Walk-in - 2,785lbs

*Note: Body weights shown are based upon an average weight for a typical body of the type shown. Stake bodies include metal floor, bulkhead, stake racks and D.O.T. bumper. Van bodies include interior plywood lining, a roll-up rear door and D.O.T. bumper. Consult with final stage manufacturer (upfitter) for actual weights.


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